Mojca Janc

Mojca Janc

Company: National Institute of Biology

Job title: Young Researcher


(NEW DATA) Characterising Chimeric DNA Species to Better Understand & Guide Process Development 2:00 pm

Developing our understanding of the true genomic content of viral particles Understanding DNA recombination hotspots Utilising chimeric construct reads for sequence-based optimisation of gene therapy products Comparing Short vs Long read sequencing approachesRead more

day: Day Two Track A PM

PANEL DISCUSSION: Choosing a Method Of Empty-Full Characterisation. How Do We Ensure Industry Standardisation? 1:30 pm

Discussing best practice for empty-full characterisations, including AUC, HPLC, and ELISAs Considering the balance of cost, accuracy, reproducibility, speed, and precision Discussing whether methods ensure GMP during commercial upscaling Risk/Benefit ratio of investing in one vs multiple analytical tools Read more

day: Day One Track B PM

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