Exploring Antibody Kinetics In A Mice Model After Treatment With An Igg Cleaving Enzyme Imlifidase

Time: 4:30 pm
day: Day Two


  • Imlifidase belongs to a group of proteases that specifically cleaves the hinge region of IgG, resulting in complete temporary removal of antibodies within a few hours
  • The use of a IgG cleaving enzymes as pre-treatment to gene therapies creates an antibody free window for the delivery of gene of interest, which may allow for the inclusion of patients with high titre of neutralising antibodies against the viral vector
  • Cleaving of IgG will result in one F(ab’)2 fragment and one Fc fragment. Here, we share our findings of the assays used to study the kinetics of antibodies after IgG cleaving with imlifidase in a mice model