Hear what previous attendees have to say about our
Gene Therapy Analytical Development Meetings

‘An outstanding opportunity to meet others in the field facing similar challenges and understand the proper path forward to ensure the safety and efficacy of gene therapy products’

Kevin Moulton, Vertex Pharmaceuticals


‘Fantastic, it was great to get all those analytical people in the gene therapy field together’

Mike Henderson, Omega Therapeutics


‘It was nice to have a conference with a very specific focus on analytical development, such that almost all talks and sessions were directly relevant to my work. Very useful data and information were presented’

Sonya Schermann, Freeline Therapeutics


 ‘This summit was a good opportunity to assess the landscape of analytical methodology currently employed by other firms engaged in gene therapy development and identify where emerging technologies are going’

Clement Purcell, Novartis


‘It was a great meeting that provided lot of insights into the current analytical methods being used in the field of gene therapy’

Aparna Ramachandran, Amicus Therapeutics


‘The meeting was a great way to interact with thought leaders and key scientists from across the industry, all in one room’

Matthew Salem, Sciex


‘It was a great event where we could get in contact with many interesting people and gain deeper insight into our customers' analytical challenges’

Huseyin Besir, Progen


‘Great Collection of Gene Therapy folks, great opportunity to get in front of people who need the Instruments and Services Vironova can provide’

Richard Gursky, Vironova


Very informative conference, full of detail around how the industry is advancing their approach to assay development in the gene therapy space.

Mandy Conver, Bio-Rad Laboratories